Gray Market Tractors, What You Should Know and Check Before You Purchase

Before you begin to actually look at tractors you should know exactly what you are looking for.

Consider the following questions when shopping for a tractor.

What size of tractor do you need?

What are you going to be using you tractor for?

How often will the tractor be used?

Is the tractor going to be used to produce income? Of course, money is often a consideration when shopping for a tractor. Consider talking to people that own tractors and get their opinions.
Be an informed shopper and don’t let anyone rush you. Below are some other things to consider before you begin shopping for a tractor.

Tractor Size

This is obviously the most commonly asked questions regarding a tractor purchase. The average compact tractor consumer owns a 1-5 acre piece of property and uses the small compact diesel mostly for mowing The other tractor consumers usually have between 10-30 acres and needs about a 30 horsepower to complete the necessary tasks.

What are you going to use the tractor for?, is of course, the most important question to answer. Is it just for mowing or will you be using a loader or backhoe on it? Will you be working on rocky or uneven ground?

Dollars & Sense

You should definitely shop around, however, don’t forget that if you are comparing the prices of different makes and models of tractor it can sometimes be much like comparing apples to oranges. As with anything else, some makes and models are made better than others. A few more dollars upfront in price for a better quality of tractor makes more ‘sense’ than having to pay the cost of constant repairs and maintenance.

Different Makes and Models of Tractors

If at all possible, one of the best things you can do to make your life easier, is to purchase a tractor that is easy to get parts for. There are many foreign makes and models that are exact matches to domestic tractors. With that in mind, you can get a parts book for U.S. made tractor and purchase the corresponding part numbers that way. Some parts dealers don’t like to sell parts for a gray market tractor. In fact, dealers of some brands of tractors are being told by a higher authority that they cannot willingly sell parts for gray market tractors.

Diesel Engines

Make sure you get a tractor with a diesel engine. Diesel engines have better performance and usually last longer than gas engines. Implements also work better on diesel engine tractors.


Approximately how many horsepower will you need? One horsepower (hp) is the amount of energy required to lift 550 pounds, one foot, in one second. In a tractor the energy is produced from torque and engine speed. A 100 hp tractor is one with a maximum of 100 horsepower available at the power-takeoff (PTO) outlet.

Nearly all Japanese tractor manufacturers include the power take off (PTO) horsepower (hp) in their model numbers; however, they do not include the engine (fly) hp. The first two numbers of the model number is where you find the PTO hp. The PTO hp is important because it is telling you the equipment working power of the tractor. It tells you what horsepower that equipment requiring a PTO will get from the tractor. Click here for a more in depth explanation of PTO.


Consider getting a three or four cylinder tractor. Three and four cylinder tractors are generally newer tractors and run quieter and smoother than the two cylinder models. Transmissions

There are several different types of transmissions for tractors. If you are not knowledgeable about tractor transmissions, it would be a good idea if you familiarize yourself with the different types listed below, so that when you go out to shop for a tractor you will well informed.
Manual transmissions on tractors were made to be shifted while the tractor is not in motion. This will cause a grinding noise due to the fact the two gears that are trying to mesh are rotating at different speeds. Manual shift transmissions are known for their durability, however, they are not considered to be very user friendly. The sliding gear and the collar shift are two of the more common transmissions.

Synchro Shift transmissions are basically collar shift transmissions (a type of manual transmission, see above). The difference is the added synchronizers, which makes it so that the gears don’t grind if you are trying to shift while the tractor is in motion. Some synchro shift transmissions only have one pair of synchronized gears, while others have all speeds synchronized, including forward and reverse. The synchronization of forward and reverse is called the shuttle shift. This synchro shift is a dependable transmission, however, just like with automobiles, the more ‘tricky’ the tranny is, and the more chance there is of something going wrong or breaking.

A Power Shift transmission is an option well worth considering. Not those standard shift transmissions won’t work just fine; however, often power shift is a nice little luxury, depending on what you are going to be using the tractor for. With a power shift transmission you can choose different speeds while the tractor is in motion, without needing to use the clutch pedal.

Hydrostatic transmissions operate in a closed loop, the flow of the pump is reversed, which in turn causes the tractor to reverse directions. The hydrostatic transmission is considered to be very dependable and is able to defend itself against ‘operator difficulty’. Because this is transmission is controlled by a foot pedal, when you take your foot off of the pedal the tractor will stop, this is a nice safety feature. Hydrostatic is considered the best selection for such things as large mowing jobs because it allows for easy direction change and continual, unchanging speed.

Implement Adaptability

You will want a tractor with a Category 1, 3-point hitch and standard rotation PTO shafts. Most imported compact tractors are equipped with these items; however, there are a few that are not.

Implement Availability

Before you purchase a a tractor, make sure that good quality implements are available for it. It is a good idea to try to find a tractor with as many model-specific attachments as possible. These include things such as loaders and backhoes, which have custom-fitted mounts that are not interchangeable with other makes and models of tractor. You can often save money if you purchase the implements at the same time you purchase the tractor and some implements can be very expensive to add on at a later time.

Parts Manuals

Sometime parts manuals can be very hard to acquire. Make sure there is one available for the tractor you choose. Ask how much the manual is, sometimes the cost can be over $100.00 dollars.


Find out what kind of a warranty comes with the tractor. Find out what it covers and for how long. Below is a checklist that you can print and take with you when you are out shopping for a tractor. Just check things off and take notes as you check over the prospective tractor.

Yes, it’s a very long checklist, but well worth your time if you want to get a good quality tractor at a fair price.

Some things on the checklist may not pertain to the type of tractor you are looking for; however, we believe that most folks will find the majority of information here to be very helpful.

Your goal is to ensure that the tractor you purchase is all that the seller says it is and doesn’t have any hidden problems. Make sure you know what you are looking for. Know what options you must have on the tractor and which ones you might be willing to compromise on or be able to add later.

Market Availability Of Lawn Tractors

Market Availability Of Lawn Tractors

There are many manufacturers of lawn tractors . If you go to market for purchasing a lawn tractor you will be flooded with offers for sale and then there will be more offers from the markets like eBay and It is really a difficult choice to make. However if you have your priorities clearly defined things become easier in selecting a lawn tractor.

Many Names A Lawn Tractor Takes

A lawn tractor may be referred by many names as lawn mower, garden tractor. All of them essentially do the same work and some of them do more work compared to others. The horse power may vary but essentially al of them help farmers in completing their work or a small householder maintain the garden.

Purpose Of Purchasing A Lawn Tractor

The purpose of selecting a lawn tractor should be made along with the area it is going to serve. Specialized lawn tractors of high capacity are available for large areas like a golf field or a horse racing area tennis court a cricket or even a football field.

If the intention is just to cut grass over a large area, then the type of lawn tractor you can select is the front bed tractor where you can collect the grass so you can dispose it off quickly.

On the other hand, if you wish to serve a small area and do some small things in your garden, you can go in for garden tractor with attachment for grass removal.

If you have a small area and all you require is just to cut grass, then you can go in for a riding lawn mower or a walk behind lawn mower

The Area Lawn Tractor Serves

The area served by a lawn tractor may vary depending on individual needs and the number of tractors available for serving the area. The same job could be done by more than one tractor if the area is large.

The maximum sweep of lawn tractor blades is about 48 inches and beyond that, the lawn tractor becomes unmanageable and cannot service in tight corners and this area is then required to be served by smaller machines increasing the workload and attendant problems. So for large areas two or more tractors seems to be an effective solution

Future requirements

If you can spare money beyond buying a lawn tractor, you can go for an upgraded version and purchase a garden tractor. With a garden tractor, you can do many things that cannot be done by a lawn tractor. If you can think of future requirement of your work, you may be able to get a better selection.

Driver Comfort In Lawn Tractor

Whether you are going to use the lawn tractor or your employee is going drive it, it is imperative that the lawn tractor should have driver comforts. Power steering, vibration isolation, and better control are some of the accepted norms of driver comforts and most of the manufacturers incorporate it in their lawn mowers.

Hence, while selecting a good lawn tractor, you will have to take many things in considerations than just the money you are going to put in.

Introduction to Kubota Tractors

The need for high performance maneuverability of tractors is same in Japan and America. People of America have big farms compared to Japanese. Kubota Corporation is a top tractor-manufacturing unit that has origins in Japan. The firm established in 1890, and today it has become an international leader in tractor manufacturing. With a focused approach and dedicated hard work, Kubota has gained global recognition. The company is selling 130 different Kubota tractors in the market, through direct deals and affiliates

Kubota tractors built to meet demands of farmers in Japan, but soon they spread their roots to America. Even though American farms are bigger in size than farms in Japan, Kubota tractors deliver better performance in channelizing American soils. Kubota Corporation launched its tractor in USA, 1969. The tractor filled the empty space left by tractors of America, and became the most powerful product sold in USA. Kubota 21 horsepower L200 was the first product launched in USA. Soon with the success of its tractors, the Kubota Corporation built a complete manufacturing unit in USA in 1974 and launched wheel-drive based vehicles for farmers

Variants of Kubota tractors

BX Series, B Series, TLB Series, M series, and L Series tractors manufactured by Kubota. BX Series tractors have compact structure, offer better utility. These tractors blend with 4WD handling to provide convenience to people in cleaning gardens. BX Series engines have 18.0HP-25.5 HP and are suitable for gardening, home mowing, towing, and light material handling. L Series tractors power 3.0 HP-59.0 HP engines. Used in small farms, landscaping, equestrian operations, and estate maintenance.

B Series tractors power 18.0 HP-32.0 HP engines are suitable for landscaping, ground maintenance, vegetable gardens, home, and commercial use. TLB Series and M Series are used for common applications like landscaping, light construction etc

Environmental Friendly Kubota Tractors

Landscaping or livestock operations tractors of Kubota can do all jobs. People can choose any tractor according to their requirement. With changing trends in economy and pollution standards, these days’ people are looking for environmental friendly vehicles

Kubota Corporation is now manufacturing tractors that produce low emissions. Environmental friendly tractors are good at yielding best results in farming. These orange tractors are affordable and come with a warranty. Kubota Corporation offers damage replacement on its parts, during the warranty period

Comparing Kubota with Its Opponents

Kubota Corporation was the first tractor-manufacturing unit to receive prestigious “Deeming Award” for manufacturing environmental friendly, economical, and high performance tractors. The company competes with many leading tractor brands like John Deere, Ford tractor, Holland and Cub Cadet. People looking for small, compact and convenient tractors for their yard work, can have a look at landscaping BX Series tractors. All tractors of Kubota have best re-sale value

Economical Kubota Engines

Kubota tractors equipped with diesel or gasoline engines. To keep environmentally friendly, most of the tractors are fitted with gasoline engines. These engines cause less pollution. All Kubota engines have following features: compact, tough, lightweight, liquid-cooled, turbocharged options, low noise, and low vibration

Low Market Imports of Kubota Tractors have led to grey market imports of tractors from Japan to North America. Some of these tractors had problems with safety measures followed in USA, so in 1974 Kubota started its company in USA. There are nearly 1040 authorized Kubota dealers in USA, and all of them are supported by the company headquarters in California. Recently, Kubota Corporation has approved the use of Bio-diesel fuel for some its tractors. B20 bio diesel fuels comprise of 20% bio diesel and 80% petrol diesel

Kubota Safety Features

Kubota provide operator optimal safety and comfort, all B-series tractors of Kubota are equipped with multiple safety features. Some of the common safety features included: backlight dash panel to track vital functions, multi-reflective headlights for better visibility, standard metal hood for providing better front view visibility, ROPS (Roll over protection structure) standard for protecting driver from getting hurt during accident, wide step area, more legroom, high back seat, and large flat deck platform.

MTD Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors – What’s the Difference?

You may have considered indulging yourself with a major upgrade if you’re in the market for a new lawn mower. Maybe your head has been turned by the MTD brand of serious lawn and garden equipment.

Is my lawn big enough for a riding tractor, or do I just stick to the conventional walk-behind mower?

The general rule of thumb is that if your lawn exceeds 100 ft. sq., then it might be worth it to consider the time saving investment of a riding tractor. A riding mower might be more than you need if your lawn is any smaller, but there’s no law against opting for the easy chair if the idea of shaded, derby-style mowing is just too tempting.

MTD riding tractors come in two varieties: “lawn tractors” and “garden tractors,” but what’s the difference?

The biggest difference between lawn and garden tractors is size:

Lawn tractors are designed for smaller acreage and lighter-duty mowing needs that don’t require extra horsepower or heavy-duty mower construction.

Garden tractors, on the other hand, are bigger all around, with larger wheels, more horsepower, heavier frames and transmissions, and are made for large acreage jobs and high torque applications.

The more specific differences between MTD lawn tractors and MTD garden tractors have to do with attachment options.

Lawn tractors can use work attachments that do not engage the soil, like dozer blades, grass catchers, mulch kits, snowblowers, and tow-behind assemblies.
Garden tractors can use all of the attachments that lawn tractors can, plus attachments that engage the soil. This is because attachments like tillers, plows, harrows, and cultivators need the extra power that garden tractors offer.

So really, the choice between garden tractors and lawn tractors comes down to what kind of work you need the machine to do.

When it comes to attachments though, the varieties that MTD offers do not stop at those we’ve mentioned here by any means. Other accessories include things like:

tire chains
grass collection systems
tow-behind carts
and more

Some patented MTD riding tractor options actually affect the compatibility of some types of attachments. Many models of MTD tractors include their special AutoDrive¬ô system that makes driving a tractor much like driving a car.

Antique Tractors – A Relic From the Past Or a Treasured Memory?

I live in the country down a quiet two-lane road that is sometimes blocked by tractors. Most of the time it’s a modern combine, the type used to harvest wheat, or create bales of hay, however today I saw something completely different, an antique tractor.

While I had ample opportunity to pass the tractor, in fact, the man driving pulled to the right and motioned for me to pass, instead I drove along doing barely 10 miles an hour, admiring this piece of farming history.

My uncle was a farmer, getting up every morning to milk the cows and tend the fields; it was a hard life, but something he loved dearly. The tractor he owned was truly an antique; I never found out if he kept his for economic or nostalgic reasons, but he took care of her like a favorite child.

If you’re considering purchasing an antique tractor for work, you’d do well to consider the type of work you’ll be doing; since owning an antique tractor is often times a labor of love, rather than a tractor that gets a labor done. On the other hand, if you’re a collector, someone who appreciates tractor history and machinery built to last, an antique tractor might be the perfect piece of memorabilia.

If you’re in the market for an antique tractor, and you know how to tinker with engines, this might be the perfect weekend project. However, if you’re like me, you’ll want to bring a long a good mechanic, someone familiar with farm equipment, and preferably someone familiar with the antique tractor you’re considering purchasing. An antique tractor can give you hours of fun, years of good work or it can be a mechanical nightmare.

I had the good fortune of going with a friend who was considering purchasing an antique tractor, and I got to see the process firsthand. Now this old farmer was savvy, and brought along his John Deere rep, he’d be getting a professional to look at his antique tractor, before parting with any cash. Here’s exactly what the rep did to ensure the antique tractor with mechanically sound.

Number one, he climbed up on the seat to see if she’d start up. He’d already said this would be the first test on the battery, compression and fuel lines, if she stated then test number one would be passed. In this case she started right up, and the rep looked at us and winked then said, “Now if she didn’t start, that don’t mean you run away, just means she needs a bit of work”.

Next thing was to ask the current owner if it was okay to take her for a spin. The old farmer nodded his head, smiling to himself probably remembering the fields he plowed and the years that had past. What I didn’t know was the John Deere rep was waiting till the engine warmed up, to check for leaks, and to find sure the old engine had good torque. He got about 100 yards away, turned off the tractor, turned in our direction, then started her up again. He smiled and shouted; “Now that’s a good sign.”

I learned more later over coffee and eggs, what he was actually doing was testing the brakes (if they had been mushy it would have indicated a brake job was due), in this case the brakes tested out perfect.

Also when he looked back at us, I’d thought he was being friendly when he was actually checking the exhaust for any blue or black smoke. This would have indicated a tune-up was needed or possibly a ring job.

He was also listening closely to the engine for any unusual noises deep inside. He told us “If I’d of heard a clanking sound, it would have been time to look for a different tractor, since that would have said there’s trouble inside.

Here’s a small piece of advice, if you’re considering an antique tractor, be certain to check the oil. That might seem like an oversimplification, but it’s akin to running a blood test, it shows you what’s inside. If it’s clear, that good; foamy you might have problems; dirty and it speaks to wear and tear, water might indicate a leaking head gasket.

Purchasing an antique tractor requires someone who knows machinery what you need to find out is this; has this antique tractor been treated with loving care, or is it headed for the scrap yard?

Take the time to do a through examination before signing on the dotted line. This way you’ll have an antique tractor that can put a smile on your face, not a hole in your wallet.

Used Garden Tractors – Best Choice For Money Savers

For people who want to save money, used garden tractors are the best option. Used ones are a lot cheaper than new tractors. Most farmers tend to buy used garden tractors in order to save more money. Garden tractor is important in maintaining your garden but nobody wants to spend too much for a new garden tractor. There is a wide variety of different used tractors in the market to choose from.

If you plan to purchase a used garden tractor, it is important to determine the required power of the tractor. Used tractors differ in horsepower engines. Remember that larger garden tractors require the use of more fuels. This means that larger tractors tend to release more harmful gases in the environment. You need to consider the size of your garden in getting a used garden tractor. All used garden tractors are different. Consider different models of garden tractors and choose the ones that have the best appearance. Make sure that you look at the axles for the signs of seal leakage. You must look for the engines to know if the tractor needs repair. Most of them may have signs of repairs.

It is helpful to research on different price guides before purchasing a used garden tractor. You can find many online websites that provide listings and comparison of prices as well as different manufacturers of new and used garden tractors. Used garden tractor is recommended for farmers and gardeners. With the many type of tractors available, you can have many choices of models. It is important to be careful in selecting used garden tractor so that you can have a quality tractor.

Lawn Tractor

Years ago a people only owned a tractor if they had a large tract of property to maintain. These days thanks to modern mass marketing and conveniently priced lawn tractors, everyone on the block may own one.

Today small tractors are designed with the idea of superb yard maintenance in mind. Attachments for the tractor vary from leaf vacuums to wood chippers to soil tillers. For those among us living in snow country snow throwers are an attachment available to make your lawn tractor even more useful.

Many garden tractors are also user friendly with an automatic transmission that makes it much easier to drive than traditional tractors. Most are available in traditional red and green however more and more colors styles and designs are appearing as the market continues to expand beyond rural communities. A wide range of tractors for the yard are out there and as the market expands to include more and more manufacturers competition is heating up and different colors and styles are rapidly popping up.

Thanks to the availability of the modern lawn and garden tractor yard work these days is a much happier chore than it has ever been. Anyone who has raked a lawn knows it is much less straining on the back muscles to vacuum leaves while you comfortably ride your lawn tractor.

Today people are busier than ever, constantly looking to find ways to manage their time to maximum efficiency. This need to save time combined with relative affordability has contributed greatly to the rapid rise of the lawn machines popularity.

If you should decide you are in the market for a tractor, begin by researching consumer evaluations and reviews as well as do price comparisons online. A compact tractor will be an investment in the range of anywhere from eight hundred to five thousand dollars, making it time well spent to enter the market well informed.

Secrets of Collecting and Restoring Antique Tractors

Collecting antique tractors has become a popular choice among collectors. In many ways, collecting these tractors can help relive the past and recreate a time that was not as easy as today. Actually collecting antique tractors is not the only part of this business; many people also restore the tractors to increase their profits. Slowly, the market for antique tractors has been expanding.

As with any collecting, one of the most important things to having a successful, valuable collection is being educated about the market. Especially with restoration of the tractors, it is important to know which models will yield a profit and which may just be a waste of time and money. Certain models have a higher demand than others however, there are so many, it might be a good idea to become an expert in one or two types. In this way, the amount of time and effort spent following models can be cut.

Different types of antique tractors and the collectors they attract depend on the make and style. There are organizations for antique tractors such as Massey-Harris, Ford and Farmall. All of these organizations cater to individual collectors. By going to these organizations, a novel collector can become familiarized and educated about the value of these antique tractors.

It is important when beginning the process of restoring and collecting tractors to know how you are going to begin and parts you are going to need. Most scrap or junk yards will have spare parts for a relatively cheap price. Looking for people who are selling extra parts will also help. It is a good idea to check garage sells as well as look through classified ads for spare parts. This is another good reason to specialize in only one or two types of models. The restoration process can get rather expensive.

Once the restoration process is complete, if you wish to turn your collection into profit, you have to find a buyer. This is usually pretty easy. Just by placing ads or bringing your antique tractor to trade shows, you can find a collector who is interested. Ever since the 1980’s, when organizations of collectors began showing antique tractors and other farming equipment to the public, interest in these antique tractors has been sparked.

The Advantages of Buying Tractors Online

Running a farm can be hard work, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. While it can be rewarding, farming doesn’t always provide you with a lot of money, however the equipment costs for operating a farm a substantial. and so if your equipment was to break down you may not necessarily be able to afford to replace it.

Tractors in particular can be expensive to purchase or replace. That is why many farmers are turning to the internet.

There are many advantages to purchasing tractors online. Not only can you save money, but there is also a much wider selection available online too. You are not limited to the geographical proximity of your own farm. The entire country becomes the market place. You also have the advantage of having the equipment delivered to your door.

When looking for a new tractor, the main thing that you will be interested is quality. Of course, you want the cheapest price possible, but you also want a tractor that will be durable enough to last under even the toughest of farming conditions. If you search online, you will find used farm tractors from some of the best farming equipment manufacturers.

John Deere tractors are by far some of the best tractors available on the market today. To purchase a brand new John Deere tractor, you would need to have access to a substantial sum of money. However, if you look online you can easily find used John Deere tractors at just a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Another advantage of looking for tractors online is the fact that there is a wider range of tractors available to you. It is likely that there aren’t many tractor manufacturers near where you live. So that makes the selection available to you quite limited. By looking online you will be able to purchase makes and models that you otherwise might not be able to find.

So being able to save money and browse a larger selection of tractors is definitely worthwhile! After all, why wouldn’t you want to save money if you could? Searching online will allow you to find the best tractors at the best deals. It might take a while searching through hundreds of listings, but it is definitely worthwhile if it saves you money.

Also, one thing that you might not have thought of is the convenience of buying used tractors online. You don’t have to move from the comfort of your own home and it really is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Overall, purchasing used farm tractors online couldn’t be easier. You could save money, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home and you get to look through literally hundreds of tractors. What more could you possibly ask for?

Tips in Purchasing a Used Farm Tractor

In today’s economic climate, it is imperative that we all conserve money. Farmers in specific have recently been hit the most difficult through the recent few generations, and because of this many people are frequently on the lookout for a good offer. Farm tractors are an essential thing of a farmer’s gear and they really don’t come low priced-which unfortunately is why the market place for used farm tractors is booming.

So you happen to be in the sector for a used tractor, exactly where do you search? There are of course the classic stand-by-the categorized ads. The classifieds in your local newspapers is definitely one option, but most of these days it is very limited. With the introduction of the internet, you can now start looking for pre-owned tractors worldwide.

A instant browse on your preferred search engine will probably turn up a ton of agents ought to sell you a used tractor, but you first are required to make absolutely sure you understand or know what you’re getting into. Avoid sites that bill you hidden service fees, through time frame, these could increase up so much that you’d be far better off buying a completely new tractor. Marketers that market their used tractors via internet sites or auction sites are a wonderful choice. There is one dependable auction website that charges the seller fees, not you.

One outstanding way in hunting for the outstanding pre-owned tractor is the Used Tractor Price Guide. This 328-page book has universal information and facts about virtually all of the farm tractors that were manufactured from 1939 to 2003. The Used Tractor Price Guide explains forty-four assorted tractor makers and will most likely handle just about any tractor you end up wanting at. This price guidebook is a must have tool that will allow you to decide if a retailer is asking extremely much for a specific tractor.

Look and observe where the tractor is centrally located. If you locate one that is within driving distance of your place, request the seller if you can come and look at the tractor he or she is selling. A hands-on examination is worth its load in gold. Used tractors that seem beat up have probably not been cared for thoroughly. Check out the axles for indications of dripping seals. Seals are likely to be expensive to upgrade, and this will just be an additional expense to take into consideration.

Inspect the engine for any signs of repair or wreck. Most used tractors will most likely have signs of engine fixes; it’s inevitable for any machinery. You need to make any maintenance produced not sloppy-sloppy repairs are likely to necessarily mean that you will just have to have the motor fixed again in the near future. If the tractor has two pedals, try to make sure that both pedals definitely work. Also, you need a farm tractor that has a large front end, rather than a narrow one. Tractors with narrow front ends tend to instantly roll over on hills, creating injuries or even death.